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Moving and Storage


About Storage

Storage companies usually offer the following services:

  • Climate controlled storage
  • Light
  • Electricity
  • Insurance
  • 24 hours security
  • Pest control programme
  • Your household goods can be stored for any period and space you need.
  • Spaces vary in size.
  • Check with your moving company if storage is available and what the costs are.

What to expect in an storage estimate:

  • Address of storage location.
  • Storage rate per unit.
  • Monthly charges of storage.
  • Minimum number of month’s storage.
  • Charges applied for transportation if this service is available and accepted.
  • Applicable charges for storage preparation, padding or packing.
  • Special storage condition charges.
  • Limitations on liability for negligent loss or damage.

Storage Tips
Tips for requesting estimates by storage companies:

  • A written estimate which is usually free of charge. But ask the storage company to make sure.
  • All estimates must be based on the warehouse operator physically inspecting the items to be stored in person.
  • Make sure you always receive a written copy of the estimate.
  • Make sure you ask for insurance services. Sometimes you have to insure your goods yourself.

Storage Insurance
Ask your storage company if you have to insure your goods yourself, or if your goods are insured by the company.

Not covered by insurance are usually:
Financial records, currency, deeds, securities, stamps, jewelry, watches, precious stones, furs or garments trimmed with fur; motorized vehicles of any type, whether licensed for use or not, such as motor scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, lawnmowers and other powered lawn equipment including leaf blowers, weed trimmers, etc.

Storage Associations
AMSA - American Moving and Storage Association.

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