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About Shipping and Cargo - Most cargo transport is by shipping rather than by air transport because shipping is cheaper. Air transport is usually reserved for products which must be sent within a certain time frame.

Shipping is the transport of cargo between seaports by ships, typically large steel vessels powered by diesel engines or steam turbine plants. Many nations have built specialized naval ships to ensure the free movement of legitimate cargo; these "merchant navies" are essential to the world economy, carrying the bulk of international trade. The ships are also extremely expensive constructions themselves, being some of the largest man-made vehicles ever. The term originates with the shipping trade of wind power ships, and has come to refer to the delivery of cargo and parcels of any size above the common mail of letters and postcards.

Shipping can more generally refer to the transport of freight ("shipments"), independent of the mode of transport. An example would be Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) Shipping, where the primary mode of transport is by truck.

Cargo is a term used to denotes goods or produce being transported generally for commercial gain, usually on a ship, plane, train or lorry. Nowadays containers are used in all intermodal long-haul cargo transport.

Shipping Bills of Lading
The forms of bills of lading vary very much, and their clauses have been the subject of judicial consideration and decision in a vast number of reported cases. The essential particulars, or at all events those common to all bills of lading, may be stated as follows:

  1. The name of the shipper.
  2. The name of the ship.
  3. The place of loading and destination of the ship.
  4. A description of the goods shipped.
  5. The place of delivery.
  6. The persons to whom delivery is to be made.
  7. The freight to be paid.
  8. The excepted perils.
  9. The shipowner's lien.

Shipping Associations
Aisa - The American Institute for Shippers' Associations, Inc.

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