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Money saving moving tips


We can help you save money and keeping a moving checklist on your move using our moving tips.

Money saving moving tips:

  • Book your mover on time!
    Your move can be so much cheaper if you book on time. This way, the mover is notified in time and can plan your move better and more efficiently.

  • Request free moving quotes to compare prices and services
    Select your mover with care and compare moving prices and services. Request a free moving quote now.

  • Decide on what to leave behind
    By taking only with you what is needed you save yourself a lot of money. Remember that you will pay for every item you take with you.

  • Pack and unpack as much as you can yourself
    Ask your mover early for packing material, moving boxes, stickers and how they handle packing. This because most moving companies will not insure fragile / valuable goods if you pack them yourself. For normal items such as clothing and books, this will not be the case.

  • Stairs cost extra
    If there are stairs in your new or old home, keep in mind that you will probably need to pay extra. Some possible solutions in avoiding extra costs are, to rent a lifting crane or elevator, or instruct the mover not to use the stairs and bring all your goods up or down yourself.

  • Disassemble items yourself!
    Disassembling your goods yourself will save you a lot of money. Movers can disassemble them for you but this will cost you extra. What items need disassembling? Think about beds, closets, wall units. Disconnect your washers, dryers, stoves, fridge etc., yourself. Movers can charge you extra for it.

  • Get help from family & friends
    Ask your mover if it is possible that you and your friends/family help during the move. 

  • Possible extra charges & services
    Movers can charge you additional services for packing, appliance servicing, unpacking, or stair/long carries that are needed. You can also be charged for shuttling (needing multiple small trucks instead of 1 for narrow streets).
    moving a car or pianos, disconnecting washers, dryers, gas stoves dishwashers, any items that need to be disconnected for the move. They can also charge you advanced charges for services performed by a third party at your request. The charges for these services are paid for by the mover and added to the charges on your Bill of Lading. 


Other tips

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