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Corporate Moves


About Corporate Moves. Remember that your company's corporate moving is about more than just moving boxes and office equipment. You are moving people, too. Changing lives and separating families from their homes and friends.

Corporate Moves Tips & Packing

  • Be proactive: Start two months earlier than you think you need to!
  • Contact the local economic development organization early.
  • Customize the move as much as possible for each employee.
  • Prepare employees for culture shock.
  • Address the cultural-diversity issues.
  • Honor emotions with concrete help.
  • Stay in touch with employees through the process (email, telephone).
  • Involve the employees as much as you can.

Properly packing and tagging all items is probably your employees' most important duty. Each employee and each office should have a designated number that will be placed on all boxes, files, furniture and equipment. "And, to our movers, no tag means 'no move,' - they might assume you meant to leave it behind as junk. Make sure all necessary labels are in place.

Break the office floor plan into a grid and designate color-coded tags to correspond to specific areas. Moving things according to their colors helps focus efforts on one area at a time, thus making the move more efficient.

After you decide you want to move your company, moving begins when you start considering all the details of how your business will be affected when you move. Planning for a moving is a good time to assess the quality of your staff to make sure the right employees are making the move.

Keep in mind that if you deride to let some employees go before you move, you may need to quickly replace those employees once the moving is complete, if not before. Whether you put ads in local newspapers or contact staffing companies in your new town, plan ahead so you won't suffer a productivity plunge once you're up and running at your new location.

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