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Air Transport


Transport by air is a good choice if you need fast and efficient way to get your belongings to where you want them. Unless located in rural areas, airports are very accessible and most, bigger commercial air lines, fly regularly to almost all international destinations.

Air transport is a more expensive way to move your household goods and it is important to makes sure you are aware of all the costs involved prior to making that decision. A professional moving company can advise you on the best way to ship your goods, depending on your needs and requirements.

Air transport Packing
Air transport is also has different packing requirements, the size and the way your household goods will be packed has to fit the specific requirements of each airline ( not too high not too wide etc…). Most likely your goods will have to be packed by the moving company you will employ.

Be selective in what you choose to be transported by air and what you choose to be eventually transported by another means. Choose belongings that you may require immediately and that you require to be there fast. Other bigger things, like household furniture, if you can do without for a few weeks, then you might want to choose to move them in another way then by air transportation.

Air transport Insurance
Make sure that your household belongings are insured for the loading on the aircraft , for the flight, the unloading and off course at all other instances. You can get insurance through the moving company or your own private.

Air transport is preferred if your move is a last minute decision. However note that any move especially if you would like it to be cost efficient and well done, requires time and preparation.

Air transport Associations
IATA - International Air Transport Association
ATA - Air Transport Association of America, Inc.

Air transport Tips
Never transport hazardous corrosives in your household goods such as bleach, drain or oven cleaners, etc.), gases (aerosols, propane. etc.), flammable liquids (adhesives, paints, polishes, etc.), flammable solids (matches), etc.

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