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Moving to Wyoming


About Wyoming - Wyoming is a state of the western wyomingUnited States. While the eastern third of the state is within the Great Plains, the majority is dominated by numerous distinct mountain ranges and rangelands. Wyoming is also the least populous U.S. state with 509,294 people. The capital and largest city of Wyoming is Cheyenne.

Living in Wyoming

People of Wyoming - Wyoming has an estimated population of 509,294.

Wyoming is the least populous of any state (or the District of Columbia) and has the lowest population density of the continental 48 states (Alaska's population density is lower although its total population is higher).

The racial makeup of Wyoming:

  • 88.9% White
  • 6.4% Hispanic
  • 2.3% Native American
  • 1.8% Mixed race
  • 0.8% Black
  • 0.6% Asian

    The largest ancestry groups in Wyoming are: German (25.9%), English (15.9%), Irish (13.3%), American (6.5%), Norwegian (4.3%), Swedish (3.5%)

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