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Relocations & Relocators

About relocations

Relocation is a process of moving people or business to a different place. Relocation services are the services focused on full relocation of families or business. People who need extra services like these are most of the time payed by their employer*. For example for an US army relocation or a business relocation.

A family relocation happens when a member of the family is moving to work abroad (army related, diplomats, managers etc.). An agency providing relocation services directs and manages the process of relocation including arranging necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), finding a new house (accommodation), finding a school for children (education), finding a job for the partner (work) and arranging a teacher for the family (language teaching).

A business relocation includes founding a new company based in a new country (governmental permissions, official documents etc.), renting a new office space, hiring workers.

A relocation is not just a move. A relocation includes extra services from relocators such as:

  • Assistance with providing hotels & rental cars
  • Assistance with finding temporary housing, apartments or rental homes
  • Assistance with finding selling and buying a home
  • Assistance with needed documents and visas
  • Assistance with mortgage & other financial issues
  • Assistance with moving and storage
  • Assistance with auto and animal transport

*Some corporate relocation firms charge fees to the company and pass it on to the employees, some don't.

Associates Relocations

Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council)
Worldwide ERC is a relocation services industry trade group that has been known historically as the Employee Relocation Council.
Its membership of 12,000 (as of 2005) relocation professionals--or global workforce mobility specialists--are concerned with current issues and management practices for the movement of employees (by their employers) within the United States and between all other countries.
The organization is headquartered in Washington, DC, with a European bureau in Brussels, Belgium.

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