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About moving services

About packing your household goods. How to pack, what to pack, and what NOT to pack.. more packing

About Shipping and Cargo. Most cargo transport is by shipping rather than by air transport because shipping is cheaper. Air transport is usually reserved for products which must be sent within a certain time frame... more shipping

About storage and storage companies. Storage companies usually offer the following services: Climate controlled storage, Light, Electricity, Insurance, 24 hours security, Pest control programme.. more storage

Auto shipping
Auto transport companies or auto shippers usually offer the following services: Transport by air, truck and/or shipping, Open-rack car transport or open multi-car transport, Tracking systems, Rental car provision programmes, Insurance,
Liftgates for safe horizontal loading, Ramp gates for long wheelbase vehicles, Winches for inoperable vehicles or racecars, Flatbed trailers (for large vehicles).. more auto shipping

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Air transport
Transport by air is a good choice if you need fast and efficient way to get your belongings to where you want them. Unless located in rural areas, airports are very accessible and most, bigger commercial air lines, fly regularly to almost all international destinations ..more air transport

Moving Pods
About Moving Pods - PODS or Portable On Demand Storage is a company founded in January, 1998 in Clearwater, Florida by Peter Warhurst, Roy Courtney, David Revelia and Bill Ash. PODS pioneered the concept of a portable storage container. The patented container is brought empty to the customer's home, where the customer loads it with their belongings and lock it themselves with their own padlock.

Moving Containers
Door-to-door moving services of portable storage containers or moving containers is a service offered by some specialised movers. With the popularity of moving pods a lot of companies have started a similar service with small portable moving containers that can be loaded on trucks and shipped or driven to your new home. A moving company brings one or more moving containers to your home.. more moving containers

Moving Vans
Moving vans are generally used for small and local moves. This, because they offer a smaller space for your household goods than moving trucks and the vans are usually low.. more moving vans

Moving Trucks
Moving trucks are generally used for medium to large interstate moves. This, because they offer a larger space for your household goods (the extra space means fewer trips) and the trucks are usually higher than moving vans.. more moving trucks

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