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Moving to Michigan


About the state of Michigan - Michigan is a state in the michiganUnited States. The name is derived from Lake Michigan, which in turn is believed to come from the Chippewa Indian word meicigama, meaning "great water." Bounded by four of the Great Lakes, Michigan has the longest freshwater shoreline in the continental United States, the longest total shoreline after Alaska (including island shorelines), and more recreational boats than any other state in the union.

Living in Michigan

People of Michigan - Michigan's total population as of 2004 was 10,112,620 (U.S. Census Bureau estimate). The state had a foreign-born population of 594,700 (5.9% of the state population).

The state's population increased by 817,000 between 1990 and 2004, an 8.8% growth

Race The racial makeup of Michigan, according to the 2000 Census:

  • 80.2% Caucasian
  • 14.2% African American
  • 1.8% Asian American
  • 0.6% Native American
  • 1.9% Mixed race
  • The five largest reported ancestries in Michigan are: German (20.4%), African American (14.2%), Irish (10.7%), English (9.9%), Polish (8.6%). 3.3% of the population is of Hispanic origin, a category that may include members of any race.

Americans of German ancestry are present throughout most of Michigan. Nordic (especially Finnish), British, and French ancestry have a notable presence in the Upper Peninsula. Western Michigan is well-known for the Dutch heritage of many residents (the highest concentration of any state), especially in the Grand Rapids-Holland area. Metro Detroit has many residents of Polish, Irish, and Arab ancestry, and African Americans are a majority in the city of Detroit.


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